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engages young learners on our safe, fun private Minecraft servers

Babysitting Essentials

Gain confidence and develop important business and child care skills for now and in the future

Homeschool Made SImple

Enhance your curriculum with 4, 6, and 8 week unit studies, customized for your child's age and grade level

Business Essentials

Discover the most sought after skills in today's workplace, then deliver them

The Caregiver's Resource

Increase the quality of your early childhood program with up-to-date topics relevant to your specific program.

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Subscription-based Content

Celebrate the uniqueness of your program with personalized curriculum content. As a subscriber, you'll unlock access to both free and add-on content, forms and surveys, videos, PDF and audio files, and resources to support you as you learn and grow.

Customized Curriculum Content

Free Curriculum Content is asynchronous and on-demand.  Your subscription enables you to register for paid courses for just $1/month more for each course.  These courses and unit studies release incrementally and includes access to live virtual activities and web-based instruction in real-time. For example, Ebb YOU Explorers meets weekly in a live webinar session to talk about the concepts we are studying as well as in-game and offline activities to support and balance learning.