Ebb YOU History


Ebbeson YOUniversity was started in 2014 to deliver quality training and support for both professionals and non-professionals.  Over 1,000 students from more than 100 countries  have  enrolled in  EbbYOU courses, including 21st Century Skills for a 21st Century Workforce, EbbYOU Explorers, and Meteorology for Kids. The Caregiver's Resource offers support services for families and training for early childhood educators, and launched Ebb YOU Explorers: A Minecraft Learning Environment.


By 2015, Ebbeson YOUniversity courses has supported homeschool educators, k12 teachers, parents, and children of all ages with high quality training courses and opportunities to attend related webinars.


2016 marked another turning point with the publication of the Ebb YOU Easy Readers Aquatic Adventure Series children's books. This, again, transformed our children's resources to include Read-2-Me Visits.

2016 also kicked off the first Ebb YOU Read-2-Me Tour, where author, Shawna Ebbeson, read the new titles to children at children's hospitals, like the Shriner's Children's Hospital inHonolulu, Hawaii (pictured above) and child care programs in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, and Globe, Arizona and Honolulu, Hawaii!


In 2017, the EbbYOU Read-2-Me Buddy Bags and the EbbYOU Business Essentials: Get Mobile! course launched. EbbYOU also added support for Ed.D. candidates pursuing their doctorate in education.  In August of 2017, the E-150 conversion van that former daycare children had named Clifford was put into service as the EbbYOU Shuttle. Operating under The Caregiver's Resource, the EbbYOU Shuttle offers school transportation for families attending local district schools. 

Ebb YOU Missions

Ebbeson YOUniversity

Ebb YOU Scholarly

To provide academic, professional, and personal support for children and adults and to improve the quality of life through education and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Ebb YOU Explorers

To provide a fun, safe, and collaborative environment that supports academic concepts for children of all ages.

The Caregiver's Resource

Ebbeson YOUniversity - Boosting Quality Through Effective Self-Assessment

To positively influence societal perceptions of in-home, family-based child care options by supporting professional and non-professional child care providers through education.

To prepare and empower caregivers of young children at any level of experience and training to increase the quality of child care they provide.

To prepare and empower pre-teens and young adults to recognize and assume the leadership position necessary to provide quality, competent child care services as high-quality, non-professional babysitters.

Ebb YOU Business Essentials

Ebb YOU Business Essentials

To empower working adults through recognizing and developing an inventory of essential 21st Century skills to increase marketability and productivity in today's work place.