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Ebb YOU Scholarly

Ebbeson YOUniversity was started in 2014 to deliver quality training to both professionals and non-professionals. With over 1,000 students from more than 100 countries enrolled in the pilot course, 21st Century Skills for a 21st Century Work place. < -- Read More -- >


Ebb YOU Business Essentials

Take control of your future. We can help! Build an inventory of skills essential in today's work place. At Ebbeson YOUniversity, we believe that engaged children grow up to be productive adults. We are empowering children with the social-emotional and technical skills they will need in their future. Ebbeson YOUniversity has something for everyone. < -- Read More -- >

Read-2-Me Visits

Early childhood experiences are the cornerstone of raising successful children into adulthood. Children's author, Shawna Ebbeson, is bringing the Aquatic Adventure Series into your program! Research confirms the incredible benefits of the simple act of reading to a child. In support of early literacy, Shawna Ebbeson launches her first ever Read-2-Me Book Tour. < -- Read More -- >

Ebb YOU Read-2-Me Visits

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